Something Old, Something New

Taanab – The trip to Taanab with is rather uneventful. creates and packages up her armor samples and continues to get to know the KT-100. Despite its unceremonious grounding on Eshan, the ship itself is quite impressive. She spends time getting to know the layout of the compact and unique craft.

deftly drops the ship into the atmosphere and cuts through the clouds to a rather remote area of Taanab. Arya sees an old building come into view and sets the Kestrel down a short distance away. As they disembark, Arya recognizes the design of the building as an old chapter house. Even though the Order has been eradicated, she still feels a connection to the place — albeit probably more because of the than some latent connection to the long gone .

It is clear that Qardin has been here before as he leads Arya into to building. They are greeted by a local character who immediately welcomes them into the space. Arya quickly figures out that this encounter is more that it seems — it is a waypoint to something more. After a brief conversations, Qardin agrees to ship some food to his next stop.

Once Qardin’s business is complete, attention turns to Arya. She presents her handiwork and Qardin’s contact is quite impressed. He takes an interest in the light armor she’s wearing and agrees with Qardin that her services could be of benefit to those who he represents — not armor, but being an armorer. Arya is intrigued and after a short conversation, they leave the chapter house. She and Qardin are off again with two containers of edible meat. Seems like a very small, odd lot to be shipping via the Kestrel. “That must be some pretty special food” she says under her breath.

Back on the ship and before taking off, Arya contacts an armorer friend on Eshan and transfers the ceremonial armor contract to him. Once the transfer is finished, they make the jump into . Once all of the post-jump checks are complete, she turns her attention to converting the half-finished contract into a light armor body suit to be shown at their next stop, Coruscant.

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