To support a local gaming shop before it temporarily closed, in March 2020 we picked up a copy of Star Wars Force and Destiny to mix our love of with a rekindled interest in role playing games. Gameplay mixed Canon and Legends, defined new worlds and reshaped old ones, invented starships and settings, and incorporated SWFFG content and ideas from players and GMs across the internet. The result is Malproksime, a Fantasy Flight Games RPG universe born out of COVID shelter-in-place and a desire to capture the stories, elements, and worlds that shape our campaigns.

Behold Jedha

5 BBY – Jedha – sets the Kestrel down at the bustling spaceport on the outskirts of Jedha City. He does not like the situation. The Imperial presence seems more… dense. Shuttles and patrol craft are moving about, Stormtroopers…



The Modern Galactic Calendar for 2 is based on the 368 day standard of…

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The were a religious order of protectors united in their devotion to the light…

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The content within this site draws inspiration from everything and builds upon content many others have created. Because we compiled much of this content for freeform gameplay, many of the pages and posts lack appropriate citations. Please explore the Inspiration page for links to the content and tools that we have drawn upon to create this universe.