Drekkar Class Battle Cruiser

Originating in Tof space from the Unknown Regions, only one Drekkar Class Battle Cruiser is known to exist in the galaxy, the Dugan's Hand. The Information about this alien below is based on an analysis of the structure and data available regarding the Dugan's Hand.

Close analysis indicates that keel of the Dugan's Hand was likely laid down around 1200 BBY and has been extensively modified since then. A paper-based log book translated from the Tof language by C4-BLE outlines a heavy refit in approximately 700 BBY that added the port and starboard bays along the spine. Further analysis indicates that the third heavy refit added the deep space fuel skimming and refining system (outermost port and starboard wings) in 550 BBY. Additionally, the starboard landing bay was modified to accommodate three Tof expeditionary starships and the port landing bay was reconfigured to support a squadron of Tof starfighters. , and systems refits occurred regularly throughout the ship's lifetime until 500 BBY when written logs indicate the ship left the Firefist galaxy with its final reconfiguration to support a multi-generational deep space exploration and raiding mission.

All databanks within the ship have been scrambled, so engineering diagrams, data, etc. are unusable. Because of the ship's age, ongoing modifications, and foreign designs, repairs and alterations require additional effort; add b to any alterations, repairs or maintenance that require a Computers or Mechanics check). Replacing a major system is challenging, so the difficulty increases and changes one difficulty die to a Challenge c.

It is believed that Drekkar Class Battle Cruisers were used for deep space exploration and raiding missions outside of the Firefist galaxy.

A Drekkar Class Battle Cruiser is thought to have a crew of Tof Raiders and Tof Ashla and a large compliment of droids. Little is known about the Raiders or Ashla other than the equipment they carried whereas much is known about the droids:

Drekkar ClassBattle CruiserDeep Raider
SilhouetteSpeedHandlingHT ThreshSS Thresh
Defense: ForeDefense: PortDefense: SBDefense: Aft
ClassificationCargo CapacityLife SupportFuel
Pirate/Privateer30,000 metric tons; 10,000 enc1,324,800 person-days with regenerative life support systems at top efficiency1,104 operating days; power systems/engines support multiple fuel types and can skim and refine fuel from gas giants for deep space exploration
1000 meters200 meters250 metersFull compliment: 900 humanoids, 182 droids; Skeletal: 2 (commander and a control with custom interface)Up to 300 troops
Ship ComponentDescription
BridgeSingle-deck, -style bridge with high visibility, reinforced fore viewing panels.
Cargo Hold/Storage6 large cargo bays (3 per side, labeled Bay 1 Port, Bay 1 Starboard, etc.) adjacent to 2 landing bays (port, starboard); 5 major cargo stores in the interior fore spine designed for preserving food for deep space missions
CommunicationsStandard and Tof encrypted communications; no holovid capabilities
Support (Unique)BXXE Service , SKTR Service , SQYD Service , PRYR Protocol , Dugan's Hand Construct Automaton. Separate maintenance facilities are located on the fore mid-decks.
Emergency Systems120 escape pod tubes for Tof deep space pods (expended)
Hyperdrive (Primary)3 -- Because of alien technology, repairs suffer b to Computers and Mechanics checks.
Hyperdrive (Backup)16
Landing/Hanger Bay2 landing bays (Bay 4 Port, Bay 4 Starboard), 50m tall, 50m wide, 225m long. Fore blast door access with landing bay shield and three-point guidance for docking (fore + two interior tractor beams). Updated docking ports along the each side and the ventral spine.
Landing GearMulti-surface hard pad landing struts with surface density sensors.
NavicomputerTof ancient, deep space navicomputer. All legacy data corrupted and unusable. Because of alien technology, repairs suffer b to Computers and Mechanics checks.
SensorsAutomated targeting and fire control when automation is active, long-range active and passive sensors. Cloaking Device (maneuver to active, renders ship invisible to sight and sensors; ship cannot attack while cloaked; effect ends if the ship suffers trauma or strain; after de-cloaking, the device cannot be reengaged for 1 round, when initiating cloak all sensors of any ship within short range are jammed for 1 round). Because of alien technology, repairs suffer b to Computers and Mechanics checks.
Shield EmittersTof Fore, port, starboard, and aft with cloaking modifications. Because of alien technology, repairs suffer b to Computers and Mechanics checks. Dorsal shield emitter fin also service as a fuel skimming intake.
Sublight Engines9 Tof ion sublight engines. Because of alien technology, repairs suffer b to Computers and Mechanics checks.
Medium Turbolasers, turret-mounted and retractable into the hull10/3Long6x port, 6x starboard. Firing arcs: forward, aft, port/starboard (depending on turret location). Gunnery [dcc] Breach 3, Slow-Firing 1.
Light Laser Cannons, turret-mounted and retractable into the hull5/3Close2x port, 2x starboard, 2x fore, 2x aft. Firing arcs as per gun location. Gunnery [dcc]
Medium Ion Cannons, turret-mounted and retractable into the hull6/4Medium2x port, 2x starboard, 2x fore. Firing arcs as per gun location. Gunnery [dcc]. Ion
Heavy Emitters, mounted in forward antenna array--/--Medium2x fore. Firing arc forward. Gunnery [dcc]. Tractor 6
Heavy Emitters, mounted within landing bays--/--Short2x interior Port Bay 4, 2x interior Starboard Bay 4. Firing arc interior to each bay. Gunnery [dcc]. Tractor 6
Full Length Deck Plan
Full Length Deck Plan
Aft Deck Plan
Aft Deck Plan
Mid Deck Plan
Mid Deck Plan
Fore Deck Plan
Fore Deck Plan

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