With a history that spans millennia, SoroSuub is a galactic industrial conglomerate deeply invested in matters of interstellar trade.

Before the fall of the Galactic , SoroSuub was a key member of the Commerce Guild and a supporter of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Once the was dissolved, SoroSuub established and maintained strong relations with the Galactic as a contributing member to the Corporate Sector Authority.

In 2 BBY, SoroSuub assumed control of the Sullust planetary government via Corporate Proclamation 137d and support of the via an Order 92. Shortly thereafter SoroSuub created the Sullustan Home Guard to protect the company's interests. However after the destruction of Alderaan and Battle of Yavin, the political interests of the corporation shifted, the Imperial presence was diminished and as a result, SoroSuub finds itself as an increasingly neutral provider of goods, services and technologies across the galaxy.

Corporate Culture

The SoroSuub Corporation is an ancient organization that was founded and continues to be based on Sullust with operations throughout the galaxy. On Sullust, it employs either directly or indirectly 90% of the 's population.

Maintaining a galactic corporation over several millennia is no easy task, and SoroSuub has perfected the art of maintaining balance in light of changing political climates, priorities, and degrees of order. The public relations arm of SoroSuub is quite extensive with varying degrees of engagement and influence in local, regional, sector, and galactic government.

SoroSuub tends to work in the shadows and never wants to be seen as the top company or the best contractor — it strives to be a strong second and is perfectly happy to be a subcontractor on any other firm's projects. Since being #1 is not at the top of SoroSuub's agenda, it is perfectly happy to pick up second-tier products or discarded designs if there's a potential to turn a profit. As such, the corporation tends to be opportunistic and often is a licensor or licensee of competitors' or defunct competitors'  designs, products, and technologies. As such, the SoroSuub brand can be found on items big and small throughout the galaxy.


As a galactic conglomerate, its interests are broad and include (but are not limited to) , energy, food packaging, , droids, communications, vehicles and starships.


SoroSuub's headquarters is located on Sullust with major facilities within the Byblos System, Cularin System , and the Mechis System. Additionally, it operates thousands of field service centers, hundreds of parts depots, and hundreds of small local component facilities throughout the galaxy.

Notable Products & Services

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