Rebellion Begins

Below is the timeline of the episodes behind the tale of , a Force-wielding Echani Armorer-, who has been drawn into the fight against the and the Darkness.

The tale begins well before the events of Rogue One and prior to the Imperial occupation of Jedha, situating it approximately at the beginning of Andor. The storyline is a combination of Canon, Legends and free-form storytelling.

The images of Arya Raseri used throughout the story have been synthetically generated with iOS Dream app by Wombo, modified in Pixelmator Pro, processed with Waterlogue Pro and compressed using Squash.

Ancient Path

5 BBY — Jedha — With the encounter with the Stormtroopers behind them, the party presses on. The streets of Jedha City are full and bustling, but surprisingly hushed. Even…

Behold Jedha

5 BBY – Jedha – sets the Kestrel down at the bustling spaceport on the outskirts of Jedha City. He does not like the situation. The Imperial presence seems…

Just Run

makes a discovery about his new traveling partner. Arya learns the reason why people carry blasters… the hard way.

Lost Friend

In rural Eshan, a tooka finds its way into a workshop and sets into motion the return of an Echani armorer to her true path.

Clone Wars Begin

22 BBY. The establishment of the Confederacy of Independent Systems across mid-rim and outer-rim worlds ignited into the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars are now understood to have been a…

Naboo Crisis

32 BBY. Trade Federation begins a blockade, invasion and occupation of Naboo, which ends in the destruction of occupying forces by coordinated actions across Naboo, intervention of the Republic and…