Rebellion Begins

Below is the timeline of the episodes behind the tale of Arya, a Force-wielding Echani Armorer-, who has been drawn into the fight against the Empire and the Darkness.

The tale begins well before the events of Star Wars Rogue One and prior to the Imperial occupation of , situating it approximately at the beginning of Star Wars Andor. The storyline is a combination of Canon, Legends and free-form storytelling.

The images of Arya Raseri used throughout the story have been synthetically generated with iOS Dream app by Wombo, modified in Pixelmator Pro, processed with Waterlogue Pro and compressed using Squash.

The Falconer

Arya faces the perilous task of loading special cargo onto The Falconer under the Empire's watchful eye. Protecting and their mission is paramount.

Mercy Missions

Arya and her team arrive on , where she feels a strange familiarity upon meeting . She educates on tactical attire and builds trust with Senator Organa. They learn…

Path to Unity

Rebels gather in the Old Gather House, led by Senator . She highlights the Empire's atrocities and urges unity. Norra, accompanied by and Porkins, sets off on a…

Life on Chandrila

Arya dedicates herself to supporting the Rebel cause on Chandrila, working alongside Norra Wexley. She becomes involved with the Hannah Institute and forms a connection with , an…

Weight of Destiny

Returning to the Hanna Institute, Arya and her team mourn the fallen Temple of the Kyber. Arya discovers the Journal of Qui-Gon Jinn, feeling a sense of purpose. Amidst political…

Light & Betrayal

Arya discovers the secrets within the Temple of the Kyber. Amidst treachery and a critical mission ahead, they escape the Empire's clutches, carrying with them the weight of history.

Ancient Path

Avoiding conflict, the party of an Echani, Iktochi, Kaminoan, Human, and a Droid press deeper into the city to find the one person who will escort them into the Temple…

The Job

Work is hard to come by, so Qardin makes a tough choice. Arya makes the best of it.

One Spark Among Many

Out of work and low on supplies, Arya and Qardin arrive on Chandrila. Soon, Arya meets some of Qardin's past acquaintances.

Just Run

Qardin makes a discovery about his new traveling partner. Arya learns the reason why people carry blasters… the hard way.

The Meat Run

Arya and Qardin are transporting two cases of meat to Coruscant. What could go wrong?

Unexpected Outcome

On the outskirts of her farm, Arya finds a disabled starship and the keeper of the , the ship's Iktochi pilot, Qardin. They strike a deal.

Naboo Crisis

32 BBY. Trade Federation begins a blockade, invasion and occupation of Naboo, which ends in the destruction of occupying forces by coordinated actions across Naboo, intervention of the Republic and…

Ruusan Reformation

1000 BBY. Following the end of the New Sith Wars and the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, the Ruusan restructured the entire Galactic Republic, stripping power away from the Supreme…