Life on Chandrila

5 BBY — Chandrila

Months have passed since 's return to Chandrila, and she has immersed herself in supporting the Rebel efforts on the . As a member of the Chandrila cell, she tirelessly works to aid the cause against the oppressive Empire. Life has taken on a new purpose, and she finds solace in her contributions to the .

Living on Chandrila, shares a dwelling with Norra Wexley, a skilled freighter pilot with a personal vendetta against the Empire. Norra's husband was unjustly arrested by Imperial forces on their home of Akiva, and she has since joined the , channeling her skills to strike back at the Empire. Together, they form a formidable team, running missions and undertaking various tasks for the cause. Though some of their assignments may be labeled as “milk runs,” embraces every opportunity to make a difference.

As time goes on, Arya's commitment to the extends beyond her part-time crew duties. She becomes deeply involved with the Hannah Institute, a hub of knowledge and exploration that focuses on artifacts and books collected from NarJedha. It is within the walls of the institute that Arya finds herself increasingly drawn to the wisdom and history of the . She spends countless hours studying the ancient tomes, allowing the knowledge of the Force to permeate her being.

During her visits to the institute, Arya begins to encounter an elderly man with a fervent interest in the artifacts. Dav, a fellow enthusiast and frequent visitor to the institute, introduces Arya to this enigmatic figure named Lor San Tekka. Clad in weathered robes, Lor San Tekka carries the air of a seasoned explorer, dedicated to uncovering and safeguarding relics. He is particularly fascinated by an artifact known as the wayfinder, an object of mysterious power. Referring to himself simply as an explorer, he seeks to keep these invaluable artifacts out of the clutches of the Empire.

Intrigued by his knowledge and passion, Arya forms a connection with Lor San Tekka. They share their experiences, discussing the ancient teachings and lost history of the . Lor San Tekka becomes a mentor figure to Arya, guiding her along a path of enlightenment and understanding. Together, they work towards creating an exhibit that will showcase the significance of artifacts and their relevance to the ongoing struggle against the Empire.

As they delve deeper into their research and preparations, Arya finds herself captivated by the wayfinder. Its aura of power and destiny resonates within her. She recognizes that this artifact holds the potential to unlock hidden truths and guide her on her own personal journey. With Lor San Tekka's guidance, she learns to tap into the Force, strengthening her connection and honing her abilities.

In the midst of her studies and collaboration with Lor San Tekka, Arya remains dedicated to her role in the . She continues to join Norra Wexley on missions, whether they are crucial assignments or seemingly routine tasks. Arya recognizes that every action, no matter how small, contributes to the greater cause of freedom and justice. She takes pride in her growth as a Rebel and finds strength in the camaraderie of her fellow fighters.

However, a sense of unease lingers in the air. The Empire's grip tightens, and news of its ruthless actions reaches Chandrila. The must adapt and strategize to counter the Empire's advances. , the leader of the Rebel Alliance, calls for a meeting to discuss the latest developments and devise a plan of action.

Amidst the mounting tension, Arya's encounters with Lor San Tekka become increasingly significant. He imparts ancient wisdom and insights, encouraging Arya to embrace her destiny and the role she is meant to play. The journey ahead remains shrouded in uncertainty, but Arya's determination remains unwavering. She carries the weight of her newfound purpose, ready to face the challenges that lie in wait.

As Arya reflects on her path, she realizes that the Force has guided her to this moment. Her encounters with Lor San Tekka, the exploration of artifacts, and her active participation in the have all shaped her into the person she has become. The pieces of her destiny slowly fall into place, and she knows that she must trust in the Force's guidance.

With the exhibit nearing completion and the preparing for its uncertain future, Arya stands at the precipice of her own destiny. She senses that the time for action is approaching, where her newfound knowledge, skills, and resolve will be put to the ultimate test. Embracing her role as a beacon of hope, Arya takes a deep breath, ready to face whatever challenges may come her way. The path she walks is intertwined with the fate of the galaxy, and she is determined to play her part in shaping a better future.

The Force has brought her to this point, and she will heed its call, confident that her journey will ultimately reveal the answers she seeks and lead her towards her true purpose.

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