Weight of Destiny

5 BBY — Chandrila — Upon their return to the of Antiquities, the team of Arya, , Lyra, and RH-0GR are greeted with solemn news. City, the home of the , has fallen to the Empire just hours after their departure. The weight of the tragedy hangs heavy in the air, and the team's relief at their own escape is tinged with sorrow for the loss of the sacred temple.

They gather the artifacts entrusted to them by the monks, carefully transferring them to a secure location within the institute. Each item holds a significant place in the Temple's history and the legacy of . Among the artifacts are Meditation Focuses, Atlas of , a Light Bow, a Leather Satchel of Kyber Crystals, Sticks of Incense and Burners, Red Guardian Robes and Masks, Aionomicon Text, Journal of the Whills, Rammahgon Text, Simil Futurus Text, Force Healing Text, and the Star Compass.

As they complete the task, Arya feels a sense of relief wash over her. The burden of her quest, once bound tightly around her, begins to loosen. She decides to keep the Path text, a reminder of her journey, and unbeknownst to the others, she is drawn to the Journal of Master . Curiosity and a desire for understanding drive her to delve into its pages, seeking wisdom and guidance.

Meanwhile, on Chandrila, anxiety and anger spread throughout the populace in response to the Empire's invasion of the sacred Temple on City. , the leader of the , calls for a meeting to discuss a diplomatic response. Politics and strategy swirl around them, but Arya finds solace in the quiet moments of reflection.

, burdened with personal matters, confides in Arya that he must attend to his own business, a task that may take considerable time to resolve. He cannot bring Arya or his loyal cat, , with him on this journey. He offers to return her to , her home , and asks if she would be willing to care for in his absence. Arya contemplates the offer, but in the end, she chooses to remain on Chandrila. A sense of purpose stirs within her, and she knows she must stay, even if she cannot yet discern the full extent of her role in these events.

In her solitude, Arya takes a moment to install the Kyber Crystal she discovered in the caves beneath the Temple into the hilt of the old Master's lightsaber. With anticipation and a touch of trepidation, she ignites the weapon for the first time. The brilliant beam of energy springs forth, casting a soft glow across the room. The elegance and significance of the weapon captivate her, and she can feel the weight of its history and the responsibility it carries.

As she stands there, holding the ignited lightsaber, Arya's mind races. How did she, a seemingly ordinary individual, find herself entangled in the midst of these extraordinary circumstances? The questions and uncertainties swirl, but she knows that retreat is no longer an option. Her path has been set, and she must forge ahead. There is a purpose, a greater destiny awaiting her, even if its full magnitude remains shrouded in mystery.

With determination in her heart, Arya resolves to remain on Chandrila and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. has brought her this far, and she trusts in its guidance. The weight of destiny rests upon her shoulders, and she will not falter. The journey continues, and she prepares herself for whatever lies on the horizon, knowing that the answers she seeks will reveal themselves in due time.

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