Light & Betrayal

5 BBY — — The door to the complex opens, granting entrance to Arya, Qardin, Dr. Maris Ving, Lyra, and the protocol droid RH-0GR. Chirrut Imwe, their guide, leads them through the hallowed halls, introducing them to the venerable monks who call this place home. The air is heavy with ancient wisdom and the lingering presence of .

Qardin, a Force-sensitive , finds himself grappling with the immense power emanating from the Temple. Waves of throbbing headaches assail his mind, making it difficult to focus on his surroundings. Sensing his distress, Arya offers her support, but Dr. Ving and Lyra remain distant, absorbed in their own pursuits. Qardin refuses Arya's help and retreats into the Temple. Undeterred, Arya immerses herself in the study of the armor and weapon crafting techniques of the monastery, eager to uncover their secrets.

During their exploration, Arya's attunement to grows stronger. She feels an undeniable connection that reverberates within her very core. Chirrut recognizes this resonance and leads the group into the caverns hidden beneath the Temple, where they discover vast chambers filled with Kyber crystals, glowing with ethereal energy. The researchers are captivated by the profound significance of this find, their fascination fueling their desire to learn more.

Eventually, Arya feels a magnetic pull beckoning her deeper into the labyrinthine recesses of the crystal caves. Guided by an unseen force, she ventures forth until a single crystal calls out to her, suspended from a mass above. Drawing upon her burgeoning Force abilities, Arya plucks the crystal with grace and precision. Chirrut, attuned to the subtleties of , immediately recognizes that Arya possesses a rare gift. A bond forms between them, and they embark on a shared journey of meditation and enlightenment.

The crystal caverns become Arya's sanctuary, a place where she can commune with and seek solace in its embrace. Arya immerses herself in the teachings of the Temple. She spends hours in study and contemplation, absorbing the wisdom imparted by the monks. During one of her final sessions before their scheduled departure, she notices Dr. Ving within the cavern, engrossed in some sort of inventory task. Assuming it to be a part of their mission to gather information, Arya pays it little heed and returns to the Temple complex.

The tranquility of their last night at the Temple is shattered when a foreboding sense of unease envelops Qardin. In a vision of vivid clarity, he sees the Imperial forces descending upon the sacred complex, threatening to unleash destruction. The strength of the vision alarms not only Qardin but also the monks, who recognize it as a dire omen of impending danger.

Driven by a sense of urgency, Dr. Ving, consumed by imperious indignation, confesses to her treachery. She reveals that she has betrayed the monks, selling their secrets to the Empire. Panic ensues as an alarm pierces the air, and Dr. Ving, gripped by fear, opens fire on the unsuspecting party with a . Lyra, shocked by the act of betrayal, reacts swiftly, drawing her own and ending Dr. Ving's life. The gravity of the situation dawns upon them—Lyra, RH-0GR, Arya, and Qardin must flee the Temple and escape the clutches of the encroaching Empire.

Once the dust settles, a collective understanding forms among the survivors. The Temple has been compromised, and its fate hangs precariously in the balance. The monks implore the remaining members of the research team—Arya, Qardin, Lyra, and RH-0GR—to smuggle the precious artifacts out of the city and transport them to the safety of . Recognizing the importance of preserving the Temple's history, the team readily agrees and determines that their departure must be expedited.

As the monks gather the artifacts and prepare for the looming threat, Arya receives a summons to the chambers of the Temple Shaman. Recognized as the sole Force wielder within the Temple, she is entrusted with a critical quest—to ensure the safe return of the artifacts to . In a moment of solemn reverence, the Shaman bestows upon her two additional artifacts—the lightsaber of a Master and his personal journal. Arya accepts the weighty responsibility, her commitment sealed with a binding of honor to safeguard the Temple's legacy.

The team hastily packs the artifacts into transport crates, bidding farewell to the monks who have become their allies. They make their way through a hidden passageway that leads to a different part of the city, emerging under the cover of the late-night hours. The usually bustling streets are eerily quiet, and Qardin senses something amiss. Avoiding Imperial patrols as best they can, they eventually encounter a group of Stormtroopers who demand an explanation for breaking curfew. Surprised by the news of the curfew, the team pleads ignorance and claims they are heading to their ship. The Stormtroopers insist on inspecting the contents of their crates, but Arya, anticipating such a situation, has cleverly concealed the valuable artifacts beneath layers of obscure and unintelligible books. The Stormtroopers, dismissing the seemingly worthless cargo, allow them to proceed with haste to their ship, breathing a sigh of relief.

At the ship, the team prepares for departure, eager to leave the danger behind. However, their plans are halted as Control instructs them to hold their takeoff. The Imperial presence in the area intensifies, and the arrival of an Imperial Lambda confirms their suspicions. Qardin presses on, initiating the ship's liftoff and hovering in anticipation of clearance. The ramp of the drops, revealing an Imperial officer accompanied by a contingent of Stormtroopers. In a desperate attempt to halt their escape, the officer screams, “Stop that ship!” In a swift maneuver, Qardin propels the ship away, pulling it into hyperspace just as Control clears them for orbit.

The team breathes a collective sigh of relief, their ship hurtling through the depths of space. However, as the adrenaline subsides, the gravity of their mission settles upon them. They carry with them the weight of history, the knowledge that they are entrusted with preserving the legacy of the and the complex. Their journey to is fraught with uncertainty, but they are resolute in their determination to honor their pledge and protect the artifacts that hold the key to the past and the future.

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