Path to Unity

5 BBY — — The Old Gather House reverberates with energy as rebels from various cells fill the space. A sea of faces, both familiar and unknown, gather in unity. Among them stands Krix, a seasoned off-worlder warrior, a symbol of the diverse alliance standing against the .

Senator Mon Mothma takes the stage, her voice carrying the weight of the galaxy's struggles. Her words paint a vivid picture of the 's brutal actions on Kashyyyk and Ryloth, illustrating the growing threat of Imperial influence and the rise of powerful cartels. Mon Mothma cites these worlds as examples, emphasizing the impact small cells can have on a single . However, she warns that the battle against the must extend beyond individual planets to encompass the entire galaxy. To achieve this, the rebels need improved communication, organization, and unity.

With fervor and determination, Mon Mothma calls for the Rebel cells to unite. Her impassioned plea resonates through the gathering, igniting a fire within their hearts. The time has come to set aside differences and forge a single front against the 's tyranny. Mon Mothma's voice carries hope, but the path to unity will not be easy.

Mon Mothma turns her attention to , recognizing her leadership capabilities. She proposes that , accompanied by Bistan and , embark on a mission to three different worlds. Their objective: to negotiate and discuss the merits of forming a larger alliance. and her team will carry a message of sharing resources, establishing one leadership, fostering a unified front, and coordinating logistics. Their journey will also involve teaching the inhabitants of these worlds how to protect themselves and armor against the 's forces.

steps forward, her determination shining brightly. She accepts the mission, understanding the weight it carries. After the meeting, Arya, driven by loyalty and concern for 's safety, approaches her. In their shared apartment, Arya meticulously crafts a lightweight, quasi- flak vest, a symbol of their unbreakable bond and readiness for the challenges that lie ahead.

The Little Piggy, a YT-2400 Light , becomes their home for the duration of their mission. Aboard the ship, the team huddles together, strategizing their journey. Their first destination is , a known for its affiliation with Senator Bail Organa and its pacifist values. They plan to meet with Bail Organa under the guise of shipping electronics, seeking his wisdom and support in their pursuit of unity.

Before departing, Arya collects the armor crafting materials she has accumulated. The apartment they once shared becomes a sanctuary of tools and resources. As she boards the Little Piggy, Arya brings these materials with her, prepared to share her knowledge and skills with the inhabitants of the worlds they will visit.

Once the ship enters hyperspace, Arya embraces the solitude and begins to shape her thoughts and hands around a new creation. Drawing inspiration from her encounters with the on Jedha, she constructs a light bow—a testament to her resourcefulness and adaptability. With each carefully placed piece, she weaves together the teachings of the past and the necessities of the present.

Days turn into hyperspace jumps, and anticipation fills the ship as Alderaan draws near. The team gathers once more to finalize their plans, their resolve unyielding. Their meeting with Senator Bail Organa holds the promise of valuable insights and connections that could bolster their quest for unity.

As the Little Piggy approaches its destination, the light bow rests in Arya's hands, a tangible symbol of her commitment to the cause. The journey has just begun, and the challenges they will face are unknown. But with unity in their hearts and determination in their souls, , Arya, and their companions set their course toward Alderaan, ready to take the first step on the path to a united .

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