Unexpected Companions

5 BBY — and the team arrive back at The Little Piggy, their ship stationed at the Sanctuary Coast spaceport. It has been a long and eventful stay on , filled with negotiations, encounters, and the unexpected arrival of the droids. As they step on board, 's mind is preoccupied with the potential dynamics between the little droid, BD, and the ship's resident , .

The tension between the two is palpable as BD scurries away and finds a hiding spot within the ship. knows that unless she can resolve this issue, the upcoming flight will be filled with conflict and unease. She needs BD and to be comfortable with each other, especially since they will be spending a significant amount of time together.

Determining that she can't let the situation escalate any further, sets out to find BD. She follows the soft beeps and chirps emanating from the ship, leading her to the engineering compartments of the YT-2400. In the workshop, she discovers BD cautiously exploring his new surroundings, finding solace amidst the tools and spare parts.

approaches BD gently, crouching down to his level. “Hey there, little guy,” she says, her voice filled with warmth. “You've found a good place to call home here. We're all on the same team, you know.” BD tilts its head, seemingly listening, but remains cautious.

Meanwhile, has made its way to 's quarters. The perches itself on a high shelf, watching closely as she enters. 's body language reveals its disapproval of having the little droid on board. hopes that with time and patience, their relationship will improve.

Time passes, and BD and gradually come to an understanding. They keep a respectful distance from each other. BD spends most of its time in the workshop, while claims 's quarters as its own. Although they haven't become best friends, there is a mutual acceptance that allows for a somewhat peaceful coexistence.

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