Valken 39ex High-Energy Longblaster

The Valken 39ex High-Energy Longblaster is a specialized weapon designed to neutralize soft targets at an extreme distance. The Grand Army of the developed the weapon for infantry support from fixed defensive positions as an alternative to heavier gunnery-grade defensive systems. The weapon includes a bipod and is designed to be broken down into three pieces and transported in a military Dropper jump case.

While considered an effective weapon, its designed use from fixed positions proved to be its downfall. In the field the assembly and disassembly of the 39ex took precious time, so when positions were discovered or overrun, longblasters were often abandoned. In time, snipers chose to eliminate the bipod to reduce its encumbrance (-1 ENC) and increase its portability. However, the high percentage of abandoned 39ex longblasters early in the gave it an undeserved reputation as an expensive weapon system.

At the end of the ,  the Imperial Army retired the design citing high acquisition costs and changes to its tactics. The design was licensed to multiple manufacturers including SoroSuub and Sternmetal, but galactic production ceased at the termination of the Imperial contacts. While extremely rare, the Valken 39ex can be found in use among bounty hunters, assassins, and hired guns.

Tof Ashla Guardian Shoto Lightsaber
Weapon TypeRarityRestrictPrice
SkillRangeDmgCritHard PtsENC

Stun Damage, Defensive 1, Deflection 2, Sunder, Unwieldy 4. Kimber Stone (KtP p54) changes lightsaber to non-lethal; integrated pommel stun .