is a prototype C4-series Class 1/2 communications technician built by the MerenData. It was initially built as a protocol to exceed the capabilities of the venerable C-3 series droids built by Cybot Galactica. As work progressed, the C4 turned into a MerenData showcase project where the designers ultimately abandoned the protocol functions and shifted to communications, data gathering, security and to serve a post-war clientele. The C4 is an extremely versatile design that is loosely — but unfortunately — inspired by the B1 battle of Baktoid Combat Automata. Post-war backlash against B1 droids proved to be problematic for MerenData and the C4-series of droids. Despite their highly advanced design and best marketing attempts, the series never made it into production as the cost, both financial and political, was deemed too high for each unit.

Records indicate that only 9 prototypes were built and is number 2 of 9. It is believed that eight of the nine droids of the C4-series, including , were purchased by one or more syndicates at the start of the Galactic Civil War to serve as communications droids. The Metatharen purchased for communications outpost maintenance along the worlds of the Perlemian Trade Route. has since left the and is rumored to be traveling with a band of traders.