Known across the galaxy as a conglomerate that spans and , Sternmetal specializes civilian , , and systems that range from city-scale power plants, conversion facilities, and agricultural processing systems to planetary terraforming, asteroid , and atmospheric scrubbing equipment.

Corporate Culture

Sternmetal is a decentralized conglomerate located in the Outer Rim that provides and power equipment to civilian, local and regional governments, and large galactic corporations. It is involved in joint agricultural equipment research and development with SallicheAg, and maintains cordial relations with the Galactic .


Sternmetal focuses on large scale and heavy equipment and systems, and uses third-party shipping and logistics companies to transport goods. The mining arm specializes in low gravity asteroid mining equipment and support services. In addition to providing mining equipment, Sternmetal can often be found as a prime or subcontractor on large scale asteroid mining operations.


Sternmetal’s operations are located throughout the Outer Rim territories with offices and support centers located on industrialized worlds. The agricultural arm can be found primarily among Inner Rim agricultural worlds and it maintains significant research and development presences on both Salliche and Ruan.

Notable Products & Services

  • SIE-770 Power Generator
  • SAG-2330 Auto Harvester
  • SES-1900 Atmospheric Scrubber

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