Salliche Corporation (SallicheAg) administers eighteen farming planets throughout the Core Worlds including the Yulant, , and Broest systems. House Harbright is the primary investor in SallicheAg and oversees the affairs of the company and the world.

Corporate Culture

SallicheAg is a corporate conglomerate that vertically integrates the production of products. It processes a wide range of commodities into the food and feed the galaxy needs, and manages the logistics to transport products efficiently and safely to the worlds where they will be consumed.


SallicheAg is administered by House Harbright of Salliche with investors and partners from across the galaxy. The organization functions primarily as a family proprietorship through a holding company structure where each is a division within Planetary Management.

  • Chief Executive: Count Borert Harbright
    • Chief Corporate Finance Officer: Myriam Dinesh
    • Chief Planetary Management Officer: Ricco Vulen
    • Chief Food Production Officer: Vash Najoqui
    • Chief Science Officer: Laari Polo
    • Chief Industrial Development Officer: Silus Khel (assassinated in 2 ABY)
    • Chief Research & Development Officer: Bafili Mariell
    • Chief Marketing Officer: Dees Harbright
    • Chief Government Relations Officer: Lady Selnia Harbright


SallicheAg maintains its own private force, which is operationally aligned with the Galactic .


SallicheAg draws together multiple facets of galactic agribusiness: management, food production, science and industrial development. Extending its legacy of centuries of quality production, SallicheAg remains at the forefront of the production of food to nourish the Galaxy utilizing the most advanced production techniques and technologies to sustain the galactic food supply.

SallicheAg manages its own distribution through a network of shipping providers. The company has five divisions:

  • Planetary Management which encompasses the management of and harvesting associated with the 18 farming planets affiliated with SallicheAg. The PM group works closely with the AS group to preserve and enhance the production capacity of every .
  • Food Production which includes all aspects of the processing of harvested products into food and feed, and the packaging and distribution of food and feed throughout the galaxy. Supply chain management of contractors and subcontractors is handled with the FP group.
  • Science which involves the ecological management and maintenance of the farming planets to meet production targets including genetic engineering, pest control and disease mitigation  Strategic customers frequently engage with the AS group to set long-term production goals.
  • Industrial Development which includes the development of agriculture-specific systems, tools and equipment to support and expand food production. Partnerships with corporations from across the galaxy are maintained within the ID group.
  • Research & Development which covers the development of new products and technologies to support production as well as develop new food and feed types to serve the galactic needs. R&D operates as a quasi-independent entity within SallicheAg, but often works closely with the ID group.


The primary corporate headquarters for SallicheAg is located on Salliche with additional corporate offices on , Yulant, Broest and , and its operations span 18 farming planets across the Core Worlds.

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