Pirin System

The System is made up of 2 belts (Pirinanos Field, Barrier Belt), 5 planets (Greth, , Minor, Justic, Outland) and their moons that orbit the system's namesake sun. The system is located on the Perlemian Trade Route and was once a major industrial center system along the route. The collapse of the dominant employer, Kontag, that preceded the start of the brought economic devastation to the system, which has since fallen into an unending cycle of underfunded government initiatives, extreme unemployment, rampant corruption, and ongoing poverty.

Map image captured from Star Wars Galaxy Map.


The barren and uninhabitable world of Greth is in close orbit around the sun. It once strip mined and used as a testing site for Kontag research and development.


is the primary world of the system and its capital can be found at Othon City. The world is in constant economic and environmental crisis. Centuries of industrial exploitation by the long departed Kontag corporation has left irreparable scars across the with no sector or galactic interest in redevelopment.

Today, is an economically failed world, unable to adequately provide services or security for its citizens. Suffering as a result of multiple disasters and environmental destruction brought about by the collapse of Kontag shortly before the and the subsequent deterioration of its former facilities, the 's government has been unable to reinvigorate its economy. The “New ” initiative was an aggressive campaign built around suspension of environmental regulations and corporate taxation during the to attract galactic corporations to reinvest in the . The initiative generated limited interest, but did capture the attention of KonGar Shipworks, SoroSuub and Sternmetal. In classic bureaucratic fashion, short-sighted planning and mis-management plagued the “New ” initiative from the start, which resulted in incentives that were poorly defined and managed. Once the incentive periods drew to a close, all “New ” partners abandoned the . The mass exodus of industry left in a substantially worse shape than before — greater unemployment, expanded environmental destruction, mounting civil debt, and an absence of income to address any of the issues.

Today, unemployment averages upwards of 40% as the economy has stagnated and the government wallows in debt. To assist the planetary government with its unemployment problem, Galactic established a recruiting operation for both the Imperial Army and Imperial Navy in Othon City in 1 BBY, and provides essential security for the entire System as part of its trade route obligations.

The world is covered by long shuttered and decaying industrial facilities once operated by or provided services to Kontag. In the intervening years after Kontag's collapse under the “New Pirin” initiative, various corporations including KonGar Shipworks, SoroSuub, and Sternmetal operated the former industrial facilities until no longer economically viable to do so; the last ceasing operations in 5 BBY. Licensed salvagers and illegal scavengers are often found looking for any amount of scrap to trade.

Because Pirin is a waypoint on the Perlermian Trade Route, the maintains system security on behalf of the government. It does not regulate trade, however. Customs and trade are managed by the Pirin Lower Ministry of Economic Prosperity & Redevelopment.

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