Echani Petar

A double-bladed weapon, the Petar is similar to a Kyuzo Petar in that it is a split weapon separated by a knuckle-guard with tempered blades honed to extreme sharpness. Made by artisan weapon smiths who follow traditional -making techniques, the twin blades are covered with intricate engravings that illustrate to a trained warrior the eight stages of hand-to-hand combat. Unlike the Kyuzo version, the Petar is not energized and does not glow. Instead, a true Petar is crafted with a cortosis alloy that grants the with highly efficient dissipation making it nearly impervious to including blasters and lightsabers.

The Petar is a warrior’s primary weapon among the Oblates of Rivan. Some non- have experienced a unique feeling when holding the blade — it tends to be physically cold to the touch. One theory is that an Petar becomes sensitive to the as a side effect of the ancient forging and honing process.

Marine Heavy
Weapon TypeRarityRestrictPrice
SkillRangeDmgCritHard PtsENC
Ranged HeavyMedium10347

Cumbersome 3, Pierce 2


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