Oblates of Rivan

Oblates of Rivan is a reclusive religious order that is aligned to the Dark Side of the Force. First practiced among , it has expanded to include other human and near-human, Force-wielding species throughout the galaxy.


Their faith appears to be rooted in the teachings of the mythical Order, however they are not known to be directly affiliated with the Sith and reject the subjugation aspect of Sith teachings. While not driven by anger, domination or hate, it is believed that the Disciples of Rivan draw their power from the Dark Side of the Force with a focus on the release of in combat and death over the absorption of associated with the Light (such as in healing and birth).

An Oblate of Rivan draws power from the Dark Side, but never strays to the extremes of the Sith (or ) and true neutrality is merely a facade of the weak (). To an Oblate, struggle is the purest symbol of life.


A cell of the Oblates of Rivan gather and live on remote, monastic villages typically referred to as a lamasery. Lamaseries are known to exist in the following systems:


Being a sect rooted in Sith teachings, there is a strong sense of order and dualism in the practice of the faith. The key roles associated with the Oblates of Rivan, in order of power and authority, include:

  1. Adjudicators of the Order: the Adjudicators are the divine leaders of the Order and appointed for life. In the Sith tradition, there are always two Adjudicators — one male and one female. The male Adjudicator is appointed by the Divine Clerics whereas the Adjudicatress is elevated from a Divine Cleric via a Templar conclave. As of 2 ABY, the Adjudicators of Relatta are Adjudicatress Madris Olocaryn (female ) and Adjudicator Vulmar Olocaryn (male ).
  2. Divine Clerics of Rivan: the Divine Clerics are the keepers and interpreters of the faith. In the Sith tradition, there are always two female clerics. The Divine Clerics are chosen into this life position via a Disciples conclave. As of 2 ABY, the clerics of Relatta are High Holiness Phyrra (female ) and High Holiness Myrrh (female ).
  3. Templars of the Order: the Templars are the protectors of the Faith and as such, both lead the defense of the Order and select the Adjudicators of the Order. Admittance as a Templar is won either as a defender of the Faith or through besting a Templar in an ordained Trial. If the latter is attained but the Templar rites are not completed or conducted, the individual becomes Templar Naif (regardless of personal awareness or formal ceremony). The symbol of a Templar and a Templar Naif is the possession and use of an imbued Petar of the Faith, which is a specific Force-enhanced religious variation of a Kyuzo Petar. As a Templar Naif, the individual and companions are granted free passage, lodging and care by any Order of Rivan sect. If the Templar Naif turns on the Order, the title and rights are rescinded, the Petar of the Faith loses its Force power, the individual becomes is declared a heretic and an outcast. As of 2 ABY, the Templars of Relatta are Orym Heicaryn (male ), Lythienne Olocaryn (female ), Ashryn Xyrmenor (female ), Lyari Naeleth (female Corellian Human), and bestowed Templar Naif through Trials, Kantarra Vel (female Corellian Human) and Somus Marr (male Miralukan Human).
  4. Disciples of Rivan: the Disciples of Rivan practice the teaching of Rivan and the Faith. Selection is through an ordination ceremony conducted by the Divine Clerics. As of 2 ABY, the Disciples of Relatta are Paeris Yelfiel (female ), Kailu Yelfiel (female ), Tinesi Xilxina (female Dandoranian Human), Khilseith Facyne (male Alderaanian Human), Elas Chalex (male Sernpidalian), Aelynthi Yilatumai (female ), Vulre Xiljeon (male Keshiri), and Shalia Chaephyra (female ).

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