Tirahnn System

The Tirahnn System is made up of 5 planets (Marjune, Tirahnn, Kirian, Ljol, Kes) and their moons that orbit the system's namesake sun. The system is located on the Perlemian Trade Route and is governed by a mercantile oligarchy ruled by a council of merchant princes. With its position on the Perlemian Trade Route and openness to off-world commerce, the system's society has evolved to be driven by trade.

Map image captured from Star Wars Galaxy Map.



The barren world of Marjune is in close orbit around the sun. Minor activity can be found on the 's surface.


Tirahnn is known across the galaxy for its markets which cater to virtually any need from luxury goods to exotic foods. The summer-long Great Tirahnn Fair has drawn crowds from across the galaxy for millennia. Although the cities tower over the surface and the has been inhabited for eons, at least 75% of the is still countryside and forest that serves a thriving boutique craft industry and upmarket goods trade.


The shipwrights of Kirian can attend to virtually any unique and custom need. Known for a variety of conversions, the facilities on Kirian are tailored to the needs of smaller ship owner/operators that seek a unique take on a stock hull. Offices for virtually every component provider and building can be found -side.


Ljol is a large ringed surrounded by multiple moons. Gas extraction and to serve the needs of the system is prevalent on the .


Kes is small that is nothing more than a frozen rock that has been captured by the of the sun. It is home to a communication beacon for the Galactic but is otherwise uninhabited.

Star System Data

Galactic RegionThe Inner Rim
HyperlanesPerlemian Trade Route (M)
StarportImperial Class
System GovernmentPlutocracy
Imperial InfluenceMinimal
Alliance InfluenceMinimal

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