Genarius is a hot, glowing within in the Cularin System. It is composed of rare elements and a core that undergoes low-energy fusion. Four major moons (Ulbasca, Ostfrei, Uffel, Eskaron) orbit the giant in addition to a number of floating industrial cities in the upper .

The mixture of gases in Genarius is unusually rare, with many existing in stable form due to mixing with others and the presence of radiation from the 's core. Argon mixed with heavy beskium, and three distinct carbon isotopes in gaseous form, creating a blend of blue and orange in the . In addition, over 150 elements existed in the in trace amounts (less than 50 parts per million). Rare tibanna and irolunn gasses can be found on Genarius.

Unlike most gas giants, Genarius has native animal life in the form of the jellyfish-like cochlera. This species is hardy and able to adapt to a wide range of conditions on Genarius. However, no specimen has survived for more than one standard day when removed from Genarius' unique mix of atmospheric gases.

Storms of extremely forceful winds and deadly radiation sweep up from below, which wreaked havoc on the first floating settlements. Today's floating cities exist within the uppermost of Genarius with significant improvements from the first facilities. The cities are largely autonomous and independent with no political connection to Cularin.

While there are numerous cities that orbit the today, five possess half of the orbital population and generate 95% of the wealth and production. These cities include:

  1. Edic Bar: Owned and secured by SoroSuub as a and vehicle city.
  2. Friz Harammel: Owned and secured by Daedalus as a significant gas platform.
  3. Ipsus: Owned and secured by the Naescorcom Industrial Group as a multi-line production operation. The facility has a capacity for seven production lines, however only three are in operation: macrobinoculars, textiles and thermal detonators.
  4. Tolea Biqua: Created and owned by the Hutts as a gambling and entertainment city. It is a anocratic feudal city of fiefdoms with security managed by rival gangs and private contractors.
  5. Varna Biqua: A anarchistic and lawless floating city widely known as a hub for activity, gray market commerce, micro- and illicit trade. The motto of Varna Biqua is “live and let live .. unless they get in your way. Then kill them.”

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