Almas is a molten, terrestrial planet within the Cularin System that experiences little sunlight and virtually no solar heating given its extreme distance from the twin stars. Despite its hot core, Almas is not geologically active and has only two small mountain ranges. Almas has a single moon, Dorumaa.

The planet’s atmosphere was initially composed of large quantities of phosphorus and methane, but early colonists developed terraforming kaluthin grass to gradually alter the atmosphere. Almas has no surface water, but there are underground lakes that feed both the kaluthin and the small planetary population.

Over the centuries, kaluthin spread across the planet and created a highly oxygen-rich atmosphere with trace elements of phosphorus and methane, which necessitates the use of a breathing apparatus for most visitors to the world. The plants’ kilometers-deep taproots also brought up heat from the planet’s core, warming the surface. In addition, the purple-green grass gave the planet a distinct aural glow, mainly from the phosphorus it consumed.

The only town on the planet is Forard, which is located next to a set of ancient ruins. The ruins and Forard were built directly upon the kaluthin, which provided a surprisingly sturdy foundation to the structures and showed no negative impacts as a result of the construction. Given the uniqueness of kaluthin, a research station has been constructed are the town to study the planet’s pervasive vegetation.