Ambria System

The Ambria System is made up of 7 planets (Ambria I, Ambria, Ambria III, Ambria IV, Ambria V, Ambria VI, Ambria VIII), one space station in orbit around Ambria III, and one that orbit around a single star, Amber. The system is located on the Lesser Lantillian Route.

Map image captured from Star Wars Galaxy Map.


Ambria I

Ambria I is a hot, uninhabited barren world with an acidic atmosphere and covered in molten lava and carbon crust.


Ambria is a largely unpopulated, small arid desert world with no major settlements. Life on the planet largely consists of herds of staga, small lizards known as neeks, and the Hssiss from Lake Natth. The surface of the planet contains a number of ancient archeological and sites and posesses notable geographical features including:

  • Ambrian Wastes: great planetary desert that spans approximately 70% of the world’s surface.
  • Black Ruins: an area in the northern hemisphere near the Meditative Canyon that is filled with ancient black carved stone.
  • Lake Natth: a mineral-rich lake located in the southern hemisphere.
  • Meditative Canyon: a vast canyon in the northern hemisphere that creates a void of approximately 1 cubic kilometer located on the northern edge of the Tiernavael Mountains. At the canyon’s base is one of the few open flowing rivers on the planet.
  • Tiernavael Mountains: huge, steep mountains shrouded in darkness located north of the equator.

It is orbited by four uninhabited moons — Deev, Mev, Toprei and Voth.

Ambria III

Ambria III is a cool, uninhabited rocky world that thousands of years ago served as a colony. The planet lacks an atmosphere and is orbited by three uninhabited moons and a backwater and surprisingly busy inhabited space station, The Back Room. Unlike most space stations, The Back Room appears to be built into a large asteroid that was captured eons ago by the of Ambria III.

Ambria IV

Ambria IV is a large red-yellow orbited by 10 uninhabited moons.

Ambria V

Ambria V is a blue-green orbited by five moons.

Ambria VI

Ambria VI is an uninhabited frozen world composed of primarily carbon-dioxide and methane.

Ambria Belt

The Ambria Belt is believed to be the remains of an imploded planet, which has become a collection zone for stray astronomical objects that pass through the belt’s debris field. An abnormally strong gravitational unknown source draws objects into the stellar orbit and disrupts sensors, effectively masking the precise location of objects within the belt. Ancient texts refer to it as the “Ghost Belt” — a region of space filled with the spirits of those died when the planet collapsed.

Ambria VIII

Ambria VIII is a cold, rocky planet that lacks an atmosphere.

Star System Data

Galactic RegionThe Expansion Region
HyperlanesPerlemian Trade Route (M) and Vaathkree Trade Corridor
StarportLimited Services
System GovernmentDecentralized City-States
Imperial InfluenceNone
Alliance InfluenceNone

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