The Back Room

Located in orbit around III, The Back Room is an ancient spaceport that once served as the transfer point between surface operations and out system transport. No longer serving that purpose, it is now a private outpost in a largely forgotten system that serves as a waypoint, refueling and supply outpost for traders and citizens traveling across this region of the galaxy.

Facilities on the include:

  • Arms Services: Akino, a retired Kyuzo , provides personal weapon repair and modification services through his namesake shop.
  • Docking Bay 1 and 2: Originally designed for ore transfer tugs, each tug offloading arm has been reconfigured into an average quality service docking bay designed for cargo transfer and light service. Each bay can accommodate limited number of small craft, interstellar shuttles and light freighters. The facilities are cramped and it isn't an uncommon sight to see ships in station around the awaiting an open berth.
  • : The Freefall is the station's sole watering hole located deep within the core of the facility.
  • Cargo Warehouses: connected to each arm of the docking bays are a number of standard shipping containers that now serve as permanent cargo storage for the station.
  • Comm Center: the comm center is the main hub for all communications on and off the station and possesses three private holoprojector rooms that can be rented for conducting secure group holo communication.
  • Command Tower: a restricted area on the station, the command tower oversees all operations of the facilities.
  • Engineering Bays: multiple engineering bays are located throughout the facility and contain various systems related to life support, gravity controls, power systems, water and waste processing, etc.
  • Data & ServicesThe Xexto Key is a shop dedicated to the service of droids and the repair of personal data devices.
  • Living Quarters: given the size of the station, living quarters are limited to station personnel; visitors are expected to provide their own shelter within docked vessels.
  • Ore Processing Facilities: The ore processing facilities that originally defined the station's purpose have been stripped and replaced with purification equipment and holding tanks for fuel, water, air, etc.
  • Smithing Services: Saish'trokk (female Trandoshan) and Chuurdacca (male Wookie) service and create close combat weaponry and attachments.
  • SundriesBack Room General Store offers a wide range of rather unique supplies for the spacefaring traveler.
  • Technical Bay: the primary area for component repairs is the technical bay which connects to the two docking bays just below the surface of the , effectively creating a U that connects each docking bay arm through the body of the . The facility contains a worn but well outfitted machine shop.

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