Manress System

The Manress System is made up of 6 planets (Manress I, Manress, Manress III, Manress IV, Manress V, Manress VI), which orbit the Manress sun. The system is not located on any hyperlanes or trade routes.

Map image captured from Star Wars Galaxy Map.


Manress I

Manress I is small, sparsely populated hot planet with a breathable atmosphere inhabited by clans of prospectors and salvagers. Once affiliated with the Trade Federation, the world is now independent with no centralized government. One uninhabited moon orbits the planet.


Manress is the primary habitable planet within the system. The world is characterized by large polar ice caps, tundra and a narrow temperate belt along its equator. The planet’s 4 million inhabitants are spread across the world with approximately a quarter living in a handful of cities of a population of 100,000 or less.

Manress III

Manress II is a barren, uninhabited frozen world with one uninhabited moon.

Manress IV

Manress IV is a large blue surrounded by two abandoned orbital space stations and two uninhabited moons. The Rebels have established a safe waypoint codenamed “Mezerel” (Durese for eclipse) aboard the frequently cloaked Dugan’s Hand, a Drekkar Class Battle Cruiser recovered and recommissioned by Cheebs, Kantarra and CB4-LE, that also serves as a smuggling outpost for the Muusuubee Works. Although officially “lost” in a salvaging accident, Gok-Tok Muusuubuu is alive and well, and manages the outpost operation on the Mezerel for Cheebs, Kantarra and CB4-LE. She leads MSW in a shadow capacity and has set up her own syndicate to smuggle resources between various non-Imperial parties of the known galaxy and the Hapes Consortium. Her dealings with the Consortium enabled the transformation of the Dugan’s Hand from an ancient warship to its current status as a Rebel waypoint.

Manress V

Manress II is a frozen uninhabited world.

Manress VI

Manress VI is a green surrounded by four uninhabited frozen moons.

Star System Data

Galactic RegionThe Expansion Region
HyperlanesPerlemian Trade Route (M) and Vaathkree Trade Corridor
StarportLimited Services
System GovernmentDecentralized City-States
Imperial InfluenceNone
Alliance InfluenceNone

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