Muusuubee Salvage Works

Driven from their homeworld on Duros, Gok-Tok Muusuubuu, the matriarch of the Muusuubuu clan, established a operation within the Mimban system on Circarpous IV. The Muusuubee Works (MSW) was created in the shadow of the two conflicts that shaped on Circarpous V into Mimban: the attempted invasion by Separatists during the and the Imperial police action to suppress a insurgency. Arriving at the right place at the right time, the family-run Durese company obtained an Imperial contract to recover and recycle what they could from the Mimban.

The company operated for many years until its dissolution in 2 ABY. Because the majority of the on Mimban is pre-Imperial, MSW found itself under ever-increasing Imperial scrutiny as much of the that MSW recovered could be readily used to repair Rebel ground vehicles, landing craft and even capital ships. The family was actively exploring other possible sits when rather abruptly, Gok-Tok was lost during a large extraction operation in the mud fields of Mimban. To assist with larger efforts, the MSW team repurposed a number of demilitarized AT-ATs and used them to pull and lift large components out of the mud fields. Unfortunately, on 2 ABY 29 Golf the lead AT-AT of the operation slid off of a stone outcropping and collapsed into the mud field below, trapping Gok Tok and several family members with no means to escape.

The company has been unable to recover from the catastrophic loss of its leadership and has since broken into several smaller quasi-independent operations spread throughout the Expansion Region, Mid Rim, and Outer Rim operating as contractors under the MSW Imperial license. Formally, MSW ceased operations as a salvaging contractor and operates as prime licensor, granting contracts to sublicensees who recover salvageable materials in post-military action combat zones on MSW's behalf.

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