Located within the Tirahnn System, the shipwrights of Kirian can attend to virtually any unique and custom need. Known for a variety of conversions, the facilities on Kirian are tailored to the needs of smaller ship owner/operators that seek a unique take on a stock hull. Offices for virtually every component provider and building can be found -side.

Kirian is home to Kirian Vintage Shipworks & Customs, which is owned and operated by Vaha Nacc. In addition, the Osaji Syndicate is known to have operations on the .

Astrogation Data

Galactic RegionThe Expansion Region
StarportStandard Class

Geopolitical Data

GovernmentDecentralized City-States
Legal ClimateModerate
Imperial InfluenceModerate
Alliance Influence

Economic Data

Economic ModelMarket Economy
Technology LevelInterstellar
ExportsAgricultural Products & Food, Crystals, and Minerals
ImportsAgricultural Products & Food, Household Products, Medicine, and Technology (Medium)

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