Kirian Vintage Shipworks & Customs

Kirian Vintage Shipworks & Customs specializes in vintage transports, custom yachts and unique shuttles. The business is owned and operated by a Kel Dor, Vaha Nacc, and is located on Kirian in the Tirahnn System. Current projects include:

  • Haor Chall Engineering Sheathipede Type B conversion into an extended range excursion .
  • Haor Chall Engineering Sheathipede Transport conversion into family excursion living vessel.
  • Kon Gar Shipworks Gamma Class ATR-6 Civilian Transport (type D) conversion to a live game hunting support ship.
  • Slayin & Korpil H-2 Executive restoration.
  • Sacul Industries Star Commuter 2000 conversion to corporate .

The parts yard contain several parts hulks of Sheathipedes and ATR-6 type D transports, various escape pods and ferry boats, one Nu Class with the extended dorsal tail, several Star Commuters, etc. A second site, approximately 10km from the main office, is used for final assembly and launch of custom ships.