Nix is the patient yet inquisitive Customs Agent for the outer system spaceport on Relatta in the Relatta System. He manages the landing area and related services for the spaceport. He greets everyone arrival and thoroughly examines the exterior of each and every craft that lands. As a Tynnan, Nix has dark webbed hands and feet and thick brown fur. He is patient, a careful planner, and detail-oriented. Nix is enthusiastic for any type of plan, regardless of its outcome. He comes across as a bit of an eccentric hoarder and quirky bureaucrat, but friendly and approachable.

Although his “day job” seems to be the agent to first-time off worlders, his full-time role is that of Provincial Commissioner, responsible for all economic and security activities in the province. His leadership, like most of the bureaucracy of Relatta System, is based on relationships and mustering support among factions, guilds, etc. As such, there are few visible signs of his status aside from a plaque on the door and his constant busyness, shifting from one task to the next.

Nix is a bit of an academic and intellectual, which often surprises first-time visitors, and is an atheist. He is a critic of the old ways, , , etc. and is aggressively skeptical about such matters. The negotiating style of Nix tends to parallel that of Jawas, although with a bit more tact. Individuals who have regularly traded with Jawas recognize this pattern immediately. Finally, Nix speaks in a higher register that is reminiscent of a talking small dog; his annunciation, however, is impeccable.

Syndicate Station Head

Nix works as the customs agent is merely a front for his black market operations for the Osaji and its front operation, the Metatheran in the Cularin System. He uses his position to acquire items of interest and set up deals with potential buyers and sellers. He also acts as a bounty agent for the region and specializes in independent bounties of a non-Imperial nature. He takes advantage of the system's gravitational anomalies, which tends to bring patrons to his doorstep when long distance jumps go awry and drop out in the Relatta System.

Most patrons never realize his true nature. When Nix sees a potential patron, he “introduces” himself by casually showing his sidearm. A connected patron will notice the nature of the weapon, treat it and him with special respect and gain his trust; an unworthy patron will merely gawk at the rarity of the weapon, he will play showman and slide into idle banter. If threatened, Nix will be fast on the draw as his sidearm seems to always be at the ready — but rarely ever seen. He can shift from friendly to frighteningly cold at the drop of a hat. Patrons and people get one chance with Nix — but can earn back his trust. He has powerful friends in the shadows; his jobs are too good and products too valuable to not be protected. He's a significant economic influencer in the the region.