Osaji Syndicate

The Osaji has done business on the Perlemian Trade Route for generations and is little different from hundreds of other such family-run operations, making credits from legal cut-rate shipping operations and illegal activities such as smuggling and gun-running. With the grip of the tightening along the route, risk to blackmarket trade has skyrocketed, so the is spreading across backwater corners of the Galaxy and recruiting new players to maintain its influence, control and cash flow.

With the assassination of clan patriarch Osaji Shimka in 1 BBY, control of the passed to his three eldest children who have begun to expand the influence and reach of the . The family has infiltrated many levels of trade organizations and governments along the Perlemian Trade Route including both the Relatta System and Tirahnn System. Station heads such as Nix‌ on Relatta manage system-wide affairs and ensure that business is not disrupted because of local meddling.

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