Metatheran Cartel

The Metatheran is a trade that was founded within the Cularin System and has since infiltrated other parts of the galaxy through its close ties with the SoroSuub Corporation.

The has a deep relationship with both SoroSuub and Sienar Fleet Systems related to trade and transport in and out of the Cularin System. The follows a decentralized model of magnates and as such, there is no central business organization within the . The , while centered on Cularin, maintains offices in the homeworlds of its member species, Filordis and Caarimon, as well as locations along the Perlemian Trade Route including the Relatta System, Tirahnn System and Phaseera System.

In the Cularin System, the is based on the platform city of Tindark, which is also the base of the SoroSuub Corporation within the system. The owns a part of the local spaceport and rents landing platforms.

The is believed to have close ties to the Osaji .