Tirahnn is the primary world of the Tirahnn System. The planet is known across the galaxy for its markets which cater to virtually any need from luxury goods to exotic foods. The summer-long Great Tirahnn Fair has drawn crowds from across the galaxy for millennia. Although the cities tower over the surface and the planet has been inhabited for eons, at least 75% of the planet is still countryside and forest that serves a thriving boutique craft industry and upmarket goods trade.

Astrogation Data

Galactic RegionThe Expansion Region
StarportStandard Class

Geopolitical Data

GovernmentDecentralized City-States
Legal ClimateModerate
Imperial InfluenceModerate
Alliance Influence

Economic Data

Economic ModelMarket Economy
Technology LevelInterstellar
Exports Products & Food, Crystals, and Minerals
Imports Products & Food, Household Products, Medicine, and Technology (Medium)

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