Tof Ashla

It is believed that the Ashla is a long lost sect of the Ashla Order, a precursor to the Je’dii with possible connections to the and the Guardians of the Whills. The existence of the Ashla was uncovered during the recovery of the Dugan’s Hand, an abandoned Drekkar Class Battle Cruiser, which traces its path back to the .

Research conducted by the ship’s team determined that the the core beliefs of the Tof Ashla may be similar to that of the ancient Ashla in that the presents itself to our consciousness, grants strength and knowledge to Assist, Protect, and Defend all life by drawing from the light with balance against the dark. C4-BLE hypothesizes that the sect may be an order of -wielding crusaders, not unlike the Oblates of Rivan. The theory is based on the crew’s encounter with a fanatical PRYR Protocol and its counterpart (Epsilon & Omicron) and the study of other artifacts, artworks and data aboard Dugan’s Hand.

Ashla symbol uncovered in 244 BBY outside of Ai-Jed on Jedha (Hannah Institute)

Translated writings from within the sacred core of the Dugan’s Hand reveal a code of conduct that is similar to what has been discovered about the Ashla Order and the Je’daii by the Hannah Institute of Antiquities on Chandrila. The translated Tof Ashla code reads:


The offers strength as I protect and strengthen.

The offers knowledge as I teach and learn.

The offers balance as I focus and serve.

I aid without fear to do when others do not.

I defend against the dark without fear or doubt.

In the , there is life. And the is eternal.

I am the , the is in me.


Similarities in Tof Ashla code and the code, prayers and teachings of the Guardians of the Whills may indicate an ancient connection between the two sects, but that is merely speculation as further research is needed. It is rumored among circles that an action-adventure fictional adaptation based the Tof Ashla may be under development by C4-BLE. Casting is thought to include several retired B-1 battle droids and other types.

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