PRYR Protocol Droid

Only two Tof PRYR Protocol Droids are known to have existed in the galaxy, Epsilon and Omicron, who served on the Dugan's Hand and were destroyed in 2 ABY. It is believed that ancient Tof deep space raiding ships possessed two ship's complements: a Tof raiding crew and a Je'daii apostolic order of Tof and these unique droids.

Little is known of Tof Je'daii tradition other than PRYR droids appear in pairs, one of the Ashla (light) and one of the Bogan (dark), and are believed to be Je'daii constructs. A PRYR is thought to draw its power from the Force in a similar manner as a , which explains an embedded force-attuned kaiburr (kyber) crystal deep inside the chest of a PRYR . Experience with PRYR Epsilon indicates that the droids are protectors of Je'daii artifacts and play a role in the forced conversion/baptism of the unfaithful through inquisitorial practice.

NPC Role or ClassSpecies or TypeNPC Type
PRYR Protocol Advanced Specialist Rival
OriginUnknown origin; not found within the known galaxyFFG XRef--
Brawn (Br)Agility (Ag) Intellect (Int) Cunning (Cun) Willpower (Will) Presence (Pr) Morality
Soak ValueWound THStrain THDefense [M/R]SilhouetteForce Rating & Detail
Gaming NotesCrafty may use Cunning instead of Brawn when making Brawl checks.
SkillsBrawl (Br) 1; Coercion (Will) 4; Computers (Int) 3; Cool (Pr) 4; Deception (Cun) 4; Discipline (Will) 3; Lore (Int) 2; Lore, Jedi (Int) 2;
Lore, Sith (Int) 2; Mechanics (Int) 3; Medicine (Int) 5; Melee (Br) 4; Outer Rim (Int) 5; Perception (Cun) 3
TalentsALIEN TECHNOLOGY: add 1 Setback to any repair checks made to this ; ADVERSARY 1: upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target once; KNOWN SCHEMATIC: natively understands all elements of Dugan's Hand; MASTER SLICER: automatically lowers the difficulty of Computers and any slicing checks by 1; DEFENSIVE SLICING (Improved) 3: possesses high security firewall to protect its systems, increase opponent's slicing difficultly by 's rating; EXPERT INTERROGATOR: once per encounter, may make an opposed Medicine vs. Discipline check against a restrained target. If successful, target suffers 5 wounds and the difficulty of Coercion checks is reduced by 2 for the remainder of the session
AbilitiesDroid: does not need to breathe, eat, or drink, can survive in a vacuum or underwater, and immune to poisons or toxins
EquipmentShip-specific communicator, datalink, command transmit/response module.
Integrated Shock Grip & Shock ProjectorBrawl (Br)63MediumConcussive 2, Stun setting
Scalpel DigitsBrawl (Cun)42ShortPierce 4, Vicious 3
Hypo DigitsBrawl (Cun)10--EngagedLimited Ammo 3; Stun Damage, damage in the form of strain as a drug, success also injects a synthetic neuroparalytic. Victim makes a Hard RESILIENCE check to resist. Failure results in 3 rounds of paralysis, in addition each THREAT results in 1 Strain. If a DESPAIR, repeat check in the next round.

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