Dugan’s Hand Construct Automaton

Believed to have been commissioned by Epsilon and Omicron on the Dugan's Hand and constructed by its droids, a Dugan's Hand Construct Automaton is a unique battle constructed by parts and components from within the ship. Each construct is unique and is commanded by a remote AI. Possessing predatory simple intelligence, each construct will execute its last command until a new command is received or it is destroyed.

NPC Role or ClassSpecies or TypeNPC Type
Construct AutomatonRival
OriginUnknown origin; not found within the known galaxyFFG XRef--
Brawn (Br)Agility (Ag) Intellect (Int) Cunning (Cun) Willpower (Will) Presence (Pr) Morality
Soak ValueWound THStrain THDefense [M/R]SilhouetteForce Rating & Detail
Gaming NotesWill never break off fighting until commanded to do so by either Epsilon or Omicron. Will only respond to Epsilon or Omicron. Can appear in any limbed configuration.
SkillsAthletics (Br) 3; Brawl (Br) 1; Coercion (Will) 3; Cool (Pr) 1; Coordination (Ag) 3 Melee (Br) 2; Ranged Heavy (Ag) 2; Resilience (Br) 1; Vigilance (Will) 1
TalentsALIEN TECHNOLOGY: add 1 Setback to any repair checks made to this ; ADVERSARY 1: upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target once
Abilities: does not need to breathe, eat, or drink, can survive in a vacuum or underwater, and immune to poisons or toxins
Integrated Blaster CarbineRanged Heavy (Ag)93MediumIntegrated into the 's head
Grasping ClawsBrawl (Br)44EngagedDisorient 1, Knockdown