Tof Ashla Guardian Armor

Believed to have been crafted in the ancient Je’daii tradition, Ashla Guardian is an impressive sight to behold and to the wearer, an inner strength is gained by wearing the suit (Inspirational). The itself provides no unique protection, however when equipped with a helmet the wearer gains the benefit of the integrated air filtration system (Basic Atmospheric Survival) and high quality optics in the face shield (Improved Visibility).

Raider Commander
DefenseSoakEncHard PointsRarityRestrictedPrice

EVA/Vacuum: The suit is fully enclosed for vacuum and hazardous environment operations. When activated, it provides a full life support suite enabling survival of up to 4 hours in a vacuum or unbreathable atmosphere. Basic Radiation Shielding: Suit is shielded against radiation (add one BOOST to checks).

The suit automatically adjusts to the wearer to achieve an ideal fit for any bipedal humanoid of a height between 1.6m and 2m. The cloak and gold plating are both ceremonial and serve no defensive function.

Raider Commander Helmet
DefenseSoakEncHard PointsRarityRestrictedPrice

Improved Visibility: Helmet is equipped with a comlink and a visual package that removes a SETBACK caused by darkness, smoke or other environmental factors from all Perception, Vigilance and combat checks, and adds the capabilities of Scanner Goggles.

The helmet automatically seals to the armor and when connected, provides full vacuum and hazardous atmosphere protection. If the helmet is worn by itself/independent of the Raider Commander Armor, add 1 Encumbrance.

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