Tof Ashla Knight Armor

Believed to have been crafted in the ancient Je'daii tradition, Ashla Knight is an impressive sight to behold and to the wearer, an inner strength is gained by wearing the suit (Inspirational). The itself provides no unique protection, however when equipped with a the wearer gains the benefit of the integrated air filtration system (Basic Atmospheric Survival) and high quality optics in the face (Improved Visibility). Both the and are vacuum- and hazardous environment-ready as the automatically seals to the when worn. To achieve full vacuum and hazardous environment protection, sealed gauntlets and leggings are required. Those who have seen full suits of Ashla Knight have rarely found the gauntlets or leggings. The fittings on the arms and torso exist within the itself, so new ones could be crafted.

Tof Seeker
DefenseSoakEncHard PointsRarityRestrictedPrice

Mimetic: this active stealth suit with effectively makes the wearer invisible to optical, thermal and acoustic detection, upgrading the wearer's Stealth checks twice while active. Cortosis: the weave of the material can protect the wearer from lightsaber attacks. Radiation Shielding: when worn with the , add two (2) BOOST BB to Resistance checks against radiation. Shadowcloak Generator: Generates a field of concealing darkness, sensor jamming and audio distortion around the wearer creating a DAUNTING dddd Perception check to identify the wearer. EVA/Survival: the suit with is fully enclosed and offers stealth EVA and survival capabilities in a vacuum or non-corrosive atmosphere. When used for survival or covert EVA work, it provides basic life support for no more than 20 minutes or the maximum duration of the power supply, whichever is less.

Suit automatically adjusts to the wearer to achieve an ideal fit for any bipedal humanoid of a height between 1.6m and 2m. When mimetic functions are inactive, the suit appears to be an oily black color with a silk-like texture.

The suit is mildly powered to reduce its encumbrance, but not strong enough to enhance any abilities. An unpowered suit changes the encumbrance to 5.

Seeker is equipped with a 90 minute energy supply, which is used to power all functions. Once discharged, it can be reenergized at a rate of 1 minute of charging to 3 minutes of restored energy (30 minutes of charging = 90 minutes of charge). A built-in kinetic recharger can restore power to the suit at a rate of 3 minutes of movement to 1 minute of charging (270 minutes of movement = 90 minutes of charge).

Tof Seeker Cloak
DefenseSoakEncHard PointsRarityRestrictedPrice

Kiirium Coating: Provides +1 Soak against blaster and flame attacks, decrease difficulty of fire and heat effects by 1 d, decrease difficulty of Perception checks hindered by smoke, fog or dust by 1 d. Cortosis: the weave of the material can protect the wearer from lightsaber attacks. Reflec Shadowskin: add SETBACK b to Perception checks against wearer (negates Tof Seeker Armor bonuses when cloak is worn) and add Innate Talent (Stalker). Quick Shed: as a maneuver, can shed cloak from Tof Seeker Armor and simultaneously activate Mimetic Invisibility of the Tof Seeker Armor.

Cloak only functions when attacked to Tof Seeker Armor. All power and capabilities are drawn from the armor.

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