Ubese Field Armor

Field is one of many variants that consists of a helmet, shirt, bracers, gloves, jacket and light impact for the neck and chest. A set offers basic protection from both fire and the elements. Field tends to have cloak-like wrappings that cover the chest plate.

Raider Commander Armor
DefenseSoakEncHard PointsRarityRestrictedPrice

EVA/Vacuum: The suit is fully enclosed for vacuum and hazardous environment operations. When activated, it provides a full life support suite enabling survival of up to 4 hours in a vacuum or unbreathable atmosphere. Basic Radiation Shielding: Suit is shielded against radiation (add one BOOST to checks).

The suit automatically adjusts to the wearer to achieve an ideal fit for any bipedal humanoid of a height between 1.6m and 2m. The cloak and gold plating are both ceremonial and serve no defensive function.

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