Tof Assault Rifle

The Tof are a near-human alien race that exists in the Unknown Regions, rumored to be from the outer edges of the . Because of their alien presence in the known galaxy, any Tof items are extremely rare and have only appeared as within lost Tof ships that were sent to explore the galaxy hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Tof Raiders and Seekers are believed to be members of the warrior and explorer caste of Tof society, which is reflected in the specification and configuration of the gear. The Tof Assault is an extremely rare weapon that originated from the , and first found aboard the Dugan's Hand, an abandoned Tof Drekkar Class Battle Cruiser.

Echani Petar
Weapon TypeRarityRestrictPrice
SkillRangeDmgCritHard PtsENC

PIERCE 3, VICIOUS 2, CORTOSIS 1; Add 1 BOOST B die to all attacks with the blade; Add 1 SETBACK b die to opponent's engaged attacks when wielding blade. When used as a pair this weapon counts as a Melee weapon for the purposes of the PARRY talent and gain SUNDER and DEFENSIVE 1 qualities.

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