Tof Raider Commander Armor

The Commander is the leader of a Raiding Party. Whether commanding a ship, raiding party, or expedition, Commanders are expected to project strength above all else, While a set of Raider Commander appears ceremonial, it is actually a set of fully integrated battle with EVA capabilities.

Ashla Guardian Armor
DefenseSoakEncHard PointsRarityRestrictedPrice

Inspirational: Wearer gains an automatic ADVANTAGE to all Vigilance checks.

Tof Ashla Guardian Helmet
DefenseSoakEncHard PointsRarityRestrictedPrice

Basic Atmospheric Survival: helmet provides air scrubbing (remove one SETBACK from air quality/gas checks) and Improved Visibility: add one BOOST to Perception checks. Unlike other Ashla helmets, the Guardian helmet is designed to be worn within an atmosphere and as such, provides no protection or sealing in a vacuum or hazardous environments.

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