BXXE Service Droid

Roughly 0.3m square when its arms are retracted, a Tof BXXE Service (“Boxy”) is the Dugan’s Hand agile equivalent of a MSE within the known galaxy. Unlike an MSE, it can move around a space with the agility of a spider and possesses an artificial curiosity reminiscent of a porg. They have a natural attraction to canister-style droids such as R-series astromechs and a fear of large bipedal droids.

NPC Role or ClassSpecies or TypeNPC Type
BXXE Service Labor Minion
OriginUnknown origin; not found within the known galaxyFFG XRef--
Brawn (Br)Agility (Ag) Intellect (Int) Cunning (Cun) Willpower (Will) Presence (Pr) Morality
Soak ValueWound THStrain THDefense [M/R]Silhouette Rating & Detail
Gaming NotesGroup skills; apply minion rules. If equipped with an active command response module, treat as restraining bolt that can be activated/deactivated but not removed.
SkillsCoordination (Ag); Computers (Int); Mechanics (Int); Perception (Cun); Ranged Light (Ag)
TalentsALIEN TECHNOLOGY: add 1 Setback to any repair checks made to this ; DODGE 1: if attacked increase combat check difficulty against by rating (unlimited); KNOWN SCHEMATIC: natively understands all elements of Dugan's Hand; SHORTCUT 2: during a chase, add boost equal to rating for checks made to escape being caught; SUPERIOR REFLEXES: add one to Defense (accounted for in statblock)
Abilities: does not need to breathe, eat, or drink, can survive in a vacuum or underwater, and immune to poisons or toxins
Equipment-specific communicator, datalink, command response module. Built-in repair tools and a built in emergency repair kit that can be used 1/session. Retractable manipulators. Built-in magnetic wheels and repulsers to enable the to move on any surface like a spider - horizontal, vertical as well as inverted
Integrated Arc Welder (Br)3--EngagedStun Damage
Integrated Cutting TorchRanged Light (Ag)52ShortBlast 2, Burn 2, Vicious 3; Pierce 2 is an activated quality

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