Flesh Raider

Flesh Raiders are a primitive sentient species native the Tython in the Tython System. They are usually very hostile toward anyone who is not a Flesh Raider and even that is no guarantee. They have a very limited command of language skills, bipedal with heavy builds, rows of sharp teeth, and two eyes projected out from the head on eyestalks. They are very territorial and self-serving in nature.

Characteristics & Detail
SoakWound THStrain TH DefRanged Def

Brawl (BR) 1, (BR) 3, Resilience (BR) 2, Survival (CUN) 2, Vigilance (WILL) 1

40-60 Ambiguous Neutral

Adversary 1 (FaD 138) Upgrade the DIFFICULTY of any combat check targeting this NPC once per rank


Flesh Raiders refuse to share any knowledge and will naturally trigger 1 SETBACK in any conversations or knowledge-sharing. Players must pass a NEGOTIATION, CHARM or COERCION check (1 DIFFICULTY + 1 CHALLENGE) due to the territorial, hostile and xenophobic nature of the species.

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