2 ABY – 06 Echo – 31 Centaxday (). Repairs proceed. C4-BL3 restores communications only to be alerted to a mysterious ping on an obscure frequency at a consistent interval of 10 minutes. According to his analysis, the signal is not emanating from the but from behind the .

Despite the encroaching darkness, they eventually discover that the curtain of vegetation behind the is concealing a cave opening in the side of the crater. Winding through the watery natural tunnels, they discover what seems to be a large shipping container – with Trade Federation markings. As soon as they approach for a closer look, the lid swings open and a number of factory-fresh B1 battle droids begin to thrum, unfold, and come to life! Quickly plugging into the unit appearing to be the group’s leader, C4-BL3 succeeds in hacking the , convincing it that he is the command transmitting new orders to the droids. The four rank-and-file battle droids and their leader fall into line, awaiting instruction. Relieved, the group proceeds to more parts as well as charging station components from the half-wrecked container (a few battle droids had been crushed as if by impact).

Proceeding on her own deeper into the cave, Kiarra stumbles upon another container – literally – and falls into its open end. Landing on a metallic sphere, she hears it too start to whirr and come to life! A menacing “” jumps out of its container, many blasters at the ready. But C4-BL3 adds it to his command network, and it neatly falls in line awaiting instructions. The group finds that the tunnel continues upwards, exiting to the surface outside the crater, where there are signs of a crashed ship. The ship is long gone, apparently repaired or otherwise removed from the crash site.

Returning to the “Porgatu” with a fresh new squad of battle droids under C4-BL3’s command, they stow the and power recharging parts and set the droids to guard the ship. Remembering the holocron issue, Cheebs and Kiarra decide to try opening it at the Dai Bendu . They head back there, bringing C4-BL3 along to observe and record. 

Having no luck opening it at the doorway (where Cheebs opened the Dai Bendu holocron), Cheebs leads them in to the blue crystal room with the light side attunement. Here the two Force-sensitives hold the holocron together while also each touching the crystal. Concentrating together, they succeed, and the holocron opens! Much to Cheebs’ surprise, though, it is NOT some kind of “basic training” instructions. Instead, it fills their minds with visions and a story: the story of a light side Force power meant to counter the Sith in some way. The two are transported into some kind of shared dream sequence; they are , and wherever they are is under attack. A masked Sith lord carrying a red appears, threatening and tossing around several bystanders. At this point Kiarra tries to influence the dream, activating her and swinging it at the Sith in an attempt to guard the helpless. The Sith is taken somewhat by surprise, recoiling momentarily after her blow. As he brings up his red to strike her down, Cheebs (playing the role of a padawan) ignites his own and manages to land his own blow. As the Sith lord falls, their shared dream falls away as well. To C4-BL3’s perspective, Cheebs and Kiarra have been utterly motionless for hours. Cheebs and Kiarra are left with a sense that the holocron’s maker has left locational clues in the dream sequence which could lead to the kaiburr crystals containing other pieces of this mysterious light side Force power.

Exhausted, the group returns to the ship for some much-needed sleep. They are relieved to see the battle droids are still guarding the ship – and more relieved that they don’t open fire on the party as they approach.

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