Native Species


Flesh Raider

Flesh Raiders are a primitive sentient species native the Tython in the Tython System. They are usually very hostile toward anyone who is not a Flesh Raider and even that is no guarantee. They have a very limited command of language skills, bipedal with heavy builds, rows of sharp teeth, and two eyes projected out …

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Horranth Matriarch

Horranths are creatures found primarily — perhaps exclusively — on Tython in the Tython System. They are four-legged reptilian carnivores with short, stubby legs and rows of horns across their backs. Matriarchs typically tend to broods of eggs.  

Manka Cat

Carnivorous feline quadruped originally native to Alderaan and Tython, now common on all planets around the galaxy. Manka cats are notable for their large, tusk-like teeth protruding from their mouths and strong territorial nature. The can be domesticated.