The Hunters

2 ABY – 06 Echo – 09 Benduday (Corellia). The Green arrives on Corellia and the party begins the task of unloading the ship. Kantarra meets up with an old friend outside of the Financial District of Coronet City and finds a lead for some cargo near Tython. Upon her return to the ship, she spots a group of  Trackers who appear to be on the trail of the Green .

Kantarra takes a back route to the ship and alerts the party to the potential — and soon real threat. and R3-M3 quickly button up the ship and depart Corellia under the guise of a medical emergency (with firing upon them as they lift off while Stormtroopers stand aside). In orbit, the Green slides into an Imperial convoy and then is directed out of the space lane where they quickly make the jump into .