The Hunters

2 ABY – 06 – 09 Benduday (Corellia). The Green arrives on Corellia and the party begins the task of unloading the . Kantarra meets up with an old friend outside of the Financial District of  City and finds a lead for some cargo near Tython. Upon her return to the , she spots a group of  Trackers who appear to be on the trail of the Green .

Kantarra takes a back route to the and alerts the party to the potential — and soon real threat. Cheebs and R3-M3 quickly button up the and depart Corellia under the guise of a medical emergency (with firing upon them as they lift off while Stormtroopers stand aside). In , the Green slides into an Imperial convoy and then is directed out of the space lane where they quickly make the into .

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