2 ABY – 06 Echo – 13 Zheliday (Tython). Cheebs and Kantarra emerge from the training complex with holocron in hand. They are surprised to find a landed rival Gamma Class ATR-6 Assault Transport in the clearing outside and a firefight raging between the and Lorik — who is wielding a green, almost white, .

Lorik valiantly defends himself against the using both his and . Kantarra, seeing the conflict unfold before her, covers Cheebs while he makes a break for the Zephyr. While under cover, Kantarra begins to take out a number of . Her focus shifts and she seeks Lorik engaged in a vicious battle between him and a dark robed individual wielding a red . Cheebs reaches the Zephyr, quickly stows the gear and prepares a Permacrete explosive.

The battle rages for a few seconds more when suddenly the dark robed figure strikes down Lorik with a penetrating strike from the red . Lorik falls. Kantarra and Cheebs, now on the Zephyr, continue to attack.

Outnumbered and outgunned, they put up a valiant fight but the odd are against them. Suddenly from overhead, several blasts from a rip into the ground forces. Remme is somehow piloting the Green Phoenix and providing close air support to Cheebs and Kantarra! Seeing the odds slip against them, the Gamma lifts off. As it attempts its escape, Cheebs throws the Permacrete charge at the , which becomes lodged in the landing gear. The peals away, leaving the on the ground to be cut down by the systems of the Green Phoenix.

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