The Recovery

2 ABY – 06 Echo – 13 Zheliday (Tython). R3-M3 (Remme) lands the Green Phoenix in the clearing and the party quickly climbs aboard. A trail of smoke can be seen in the sky from the Gamma Class ATR-6 Assault Transport indicating a possible solid explosion from Cheebs’ improvised grenade. The Green Phoenix needs a place to hide.

Cheebs, concerned about a counter-strike flies at treetop level and eventually finds an inset in a canyon about 50 km from the site. He side slips the ship under the cover of a high canopy of trees in an ancient rocky alcove with a ground-level clearing.

Not long after, the arrives in the form of an Imperial Carrack Class , which enters into high altitude orbit and assumes station over the site. Kantarra monitors the situation and after about an hour the ship leaves its station and ascends out of planetary orbit. The canyon niche did its job. As night falls, Kantarra sees a ring of torches form around the ship. She exits out onto the plateau and is suprised to find a band of Flesh Raider warriors closing in on the ship. With vibroknife in hand she stealthily confronts one — who, as luck would have it, is the raiding party leader. The Flesh Raiders want the ship to leave their holy land. Kantarra cuts a deal that they will be gone by next nightfall and the Raiders recede. The clearing, as it turns out, is a place for conducting Flesh Raider burial rites.

Morning comes and Remme’s repairs to the appear complete. Even though Kantarra wants to get off planet as quickly as possible, Cheebs is compelled to head back to the site. Satisfied that the Carrack Class  is no longer in orbit, Cheebs flies the Green Phoenix back to and lands in clearing. He proceeds to scavenge what he can from the , finding a complete set of and a helmet in the processes. Together, Kantarra and Cheebs decide to give Lorik Feryss a proper cremation based on an illustration in a text that Cheebs had in his possession. The give Lorik his last rites and Remme expresses her dismay at the loss of her former master.

With a load of loot and a sense that they’ve done the right thing, the party boards the Green Phoenix to make its first test jump to Keeara Major System.

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