Lorik Feryss

Lorik Feryss was a middle-aged human male who appeared to have seen the galaxy and lived a rather stressful life. He was a scholar, historian and archaeologist who spent his career locating and studying ancient, arcane and mythological artifacts. While not particularly profitable, he traded what he found to feed himself, gather funds to seek out the next artifact, etc. and as such become quite adept in identifying and trading antiquities.

Lorik travels light, wears a dark cloak over common street clothing, boots, and carries a rather large satchel. Slung under his cloak is his heavy — which from its outward appearance is quite old and worn. The cloak has some intricate stitching that is sometimes associated with a research institute or some other academic conclave.

When it came to things that were physically old, odds were good that he had a story to tell about it. He was soft spoken, tended to become distracted by little details when there wasn't not enough going on around him, but unlike some scholars — did not ramble. He was seeking to uncover/recover a small box that is believed to be at least 4,000 thousand years old. His research led him to Nar Shaddaa where the box was believed to have been found and for sale at a bazaar stall. However, he discovered that the item that led him to the moon was not the artifact he was seeking. He learned from the Rodian antiquities dealer that the item for sale made its way to her from a trader who works the Core Worlds. Lorik analyzed her artifact and deduced that the inscriptions are often associated with Tython.

During the journey to Tython aboard the Green , Lorik shared that he was once a librarian of the Order at the on . He was, in fact, in hiding since the (BBY 19) and was seeking artifacts that have the potential to turn the tide of the dark that has enveloped the galaxy. He was working with a contact on Mon Cala/ to recover and decipher any artifacts that surface including the holocron that led him to Tython. Lorik was pursued by a band of Trackers that tracked him down on Nar Shaddaa and followed him to the Corellian System (likely using the registered cargo of the Green as a trail). He shared over dinner that he traveled quite often on the Borcatu, which happened to be the original commissioned name of the Green , and got to know R3-M3 quite well during those travels over two decades ago. On Tython, the party found the holocron but before they could leave the 's surface, the party was ambushed by a well-armed band of Trackers who appeared to be led by a mysterious cloaked figure who wielded a crimson light saber. The two engaged in a fierce light saber battle and it be came clear that Lorik was no librarian — he was a Master. Sadly, he met his end at the hand of the crimson light saber.

The party of the Green cremated his remains at the foot of the complex they discovered on Tython.

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