Aratech 57-E Speeder Bike

Designed with scouting and exploration in mind, the 57-D is a rugged, medium-frame bike built to withstand some rough handling. It incorporates a unique medium-speed crash avoidance sensor package, which makes it more manageable for riders navigating wooded or there dense terrain.

Vehicle ModelVehicle Design
Aratech 57-E ExplorerSpeederbike
ManufacturerVehicle Family
Aratech Repulsor CompanyLandspeeder
SilhouetteSpeedHandlingArmorHT ThreshSS Thresh
Shield ForeShield AftHPRarityCost



One pilot


Short range crash avoidance sensor package that is always active and operates at speeds up to 100km/hr. This package is unique to the Aratech 57-E and cannot be adapted to other bikes.

In the event of a potential collision with an oncoming object at speeds up to 100km/hr, the player character/rider can apply +2 BOOST to die roll. If the rider fails with only Failures, the bike is automatically piloted by the crash avoidance system to strike the obstruction with a glancing blow to provide limited rider protection. While the bike will be destroyed, the onboard systems will attempt to toss the rider clear of the accident. This automatic maneuver provides additional Soak to the rider equivalent to the number of Advantages plus Failures shown on the roll.

If the roll results in a Despair, the system did not detect the object and no protection is provided. The bike strikes the obstruction.

Additional Detail

Maximum flight altitude of 20m. Includes lashing points for attaching gear to the bike and an integrated shelter roof to minimize exposure to sun and rain.

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