The Trials

2 ABY – 06 Echo – 13 Zheliday (Tython). Upon reaching the lower level of what was a apparently a security and training facility, Kantarra and press on to face the unexpected.

While exploring the first level, the remember something about the corridors within the lower level being littered with mines — which turned out to be true. While hand clearing the mines seemed like an option to , Kantarra opts for the quicker approach and fires into the corridor. As expected, she sets off a chain reaction of flash and sonic explosions that forcibly clears the mines with minimal harm to either of them.

With mines cleared, they explore the corridors beyond and eventually enter into some type of library. Among the books, finds a training text and Kantarra discovers an inscription on a statue:

There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no death, there is .

While reading the inscription, a door at the far end of the room illuminates and discovers a hidden button. Upon pressing the button, the door opens revealing a chamber. Kantarra steps inside, the door closes, and she engages a darkness from her past. Failing the trial, the side doors open and she returns to . Together, they find a way back into the chamber and the first trial. Together, they encounter the party of  Trackers that had been chasing them. Remaining calm and facing their fears, the door to the west opens and they pass the trial.

The duo enters a chamber and a voice asks them a question. Eventually, Kantarra and realize that finding an answer may require research in the library and upon moving in that direction, they successfully complete the second trial and moved on to the third.

Entering the third chamber, they are immediately sealed in the room and the walls being to close in! Following the words of the code, they attempt to remain calm and wait for the trial to end. Succeeding, they are rewarded with an open door into a glowing corridor.

Upon entering the corridor, the passage back to the third trial room closes and the path ahead radiates with heat, lava and fire. With nowhere else to turn and only the words of there is no death, there is to guide them, Kantarra clasps ' hand and together they enter the lava and fire filled room. While visibly Kantarra and appear to be on fire, by being together they put their trust in and safely navigate the trial together. At the end of this last trial, they find what what Lorik has been seeking for years, the holocron.