The Complex

2 ABY – 06 Echo – 13 Zheliday (Tython). Arriving at the site, the party is surprised to find that there's more than a — it is an entire complex of buildings hidden under the forest and jungle canopy. With so much ground to cover, the party splits with Lorik exploring what appears to be the main while and Kantarra heading on the to the southwest.

Upon arriving at the building, and Kantarra encounter a console-like structure next to a clearing. Discovering a panel, unexpectedly reveals an ancient stun light saber and activates an ancient that appeared from beneath the forest floor. Kantarra, who was examining the light saber, is suddenly thrust into awkward combat being both surprised and unfamiliar with how to use a light saber. scrambles to shut the system down, but not before Kantarra is struck with a precise blow from the , stunning her in the process. Hurting and stressed, the pair is now wary of what lies ahead.

Kantarra and make their way into what appears to be a rather important ancient building. Exploration of the first floor reveals more signs of battle; a significant conflict occurred a long time ago with signs of battle and destruction everywhere. Eventually, after finding some breaching charges, they find a way into other parts of the complex that appear to have been sealed off from the battle that ensued. During their exploration they learn that the assault on the complex may have been perpetrated by an organization known as the .

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