The Chase

2 ABY – 06 Echo – 05 Primeday (Nar Shaddaa). The crew prepares for departure. and Kantarra head into the commercial district to shop for supplies and take care of last minute business. While loading the bike, Kantarra is approached by a human scholar, Lorik Feryss, who claims to have a connection to Gwar.

Lorik is conducting research and is seeking passage to a backwater core world. Just as an agreement is struck, a gang of descends on the party.  jumps onto the bike, Lorik into the , and Kantarra behind and they speed away toward the ship. A racing ensues with Kantarra skillfully defending the fleeing party as best she can.

More join the chase but fortunately, Remmy is ready. After a stealthy alley maneuver, the party makes a daring dash to the ship. Remmy is waiting and with unerring precision, locks down and activates the the moment the party is aboard. makes an abrupt takeoff and flies the Green into orbit.

As the party prepares to jump, an assault ship reaches orbit and begins to pursue the ship. At the moment the assault ship is in medium range, some unknown sensors activate on the , alerting them to the threat. Fortunately, the Green is an old military vessel with military-grade speed, so they are able to make their escape to Mimban unscathed, soon to carry on to Corellia and Tython.